Monday, February 20, 2012

The Storms

There are so many dangers when a person is mentally ill and homeless, but one of the worst is to be exposed to the elements during all seasons. I have not heard anything or seen anything written about this danger, but it is very real.

valerie-foxDuring my homelessness, one of the most wretched experiences was the cold, wet windy days of winter. Never having proper shoes, I would be exposed to slush, biting cold, and some days numbness in my feet. I was lucky to pretty much always have a warm coat, but shoes were tricky for me. Not many were comfortable for me so I resorted to wearing comfortable sandals in the winter and summer. You can imagine walking through a winter storm with only sandals on my feet; yet that is what I did. I remember being afraid I would get frostbite, but then my voices would tell me I would be alright. And I continued living homeless.

To cope with the very bad weather of winter, I would utilize the Morristown Library on many a day of rain or snow or sleet. This is the same library that was sued by another homeless person. I was never made to feel as an outcast. I would sit through a storm; or if I could find a quiet place, I would close my eyes for a time – not sleep but rest. No one gave me a hard time. I was never asked to leave, and I was afforded a few hours of warmth and safety.

After realizing the winter in Morristown would be very difficult, I gravitated to New York where I knew I could find shelter in terminals; and this is primarily where I spent the winter. I remember one of the reasons I decided to seek shelter in a long-term care facility was because I knew I could not face another winter living the way I was.

To close, I will say I never did get frostbite. However, my feet remain very sensitive; and I have to be very careful about shoes I choose. It is many years after homelessness, and my body is healthy. I am very thankful to a higher power for seeing me through that time and allowing me to live a good life in mental health.  


(a person in recovery)
Reprinted with permission of Valerie Fox
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For more about the role of libraries as shelter for homeless individuals with mental illness, see Unintended Shelters.

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