Monday, October 15, 2012

Valuable Information to Have On Hand in the Event of Psychiatric Crisis, courtesy of the Treatment Advocacy Center

Psychiatric Crisis Resources Kit

The Psychiatric Crisis Resources Kit is a collection of tools and information for responding to - and helping others respond to - mental illness emergencies. All components of the Kit are linked from this page. A CD-ROM version is also available but requires Internet access because some components are available only on the website. The Kit components are: 
What to do in a Psychiatric Crisis” – a writable brochure tool that community organizations and agencies can use to quickly and economically create a local resource guide for use by families and caregivers in psychiatric emergencies
Illustrated step-by-step instructions to completing the writable brochure
NEW "State Standards Charts for Assisted Treatment - Civil Commitment Criteria and Initiation Procedures" (June 2011) - state-by-state summaries of the laws and criteria that determine court-ordered inpatient and outpatient treatment practices, emergency hospitalization for psychiatric evaluation and who can initiate a petition for court-ordered treatment
HELP sheets with practical strategies for responding to four specific crises scenarios
Crisis vocabulary with common terms defined
HIPAA at a glance with rules and exceptions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and its 2002 "Privacy Rule"
If you have questions, suggestions, problems or wish to request a copy of the CD version of the Psych Crisis Kit, please email us

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