Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Families mostly powerless when mentally ill adult resists help.

Although this article is from a Maine newspaper it describes the situation of many families in Tennessee who remain powerless to obtain timely, needed treatment for their loved ones.  At one time, mine was one of those families and therefore my reason for becoming a grassroots AOT advocate.

Tennessee today remains only one of six states without state-wide AOT laws. The Knoxville pilot program has had struggles getting off the ground but word received from the Tennessee State Department of Mental Health this week states that the program is now up and running.  It is the hope of many Tennessee families that the Knoxville AOT pilot initiative will soon spread across our entire state.
In March 2006, assisted by a patient advocate, Willy Bruce had secured his own release from the Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta without anti-psychotic medications or a treatment plan. A few weeks later, as he always did, Willy showed up at his parents' house and began the hellish descent toward a bloody catastrophe that drew national news coverage.
Read the entire story here:  Families mostly powerless when mentally ill adult resists help | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

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