Friday, November 1, 2013

News and Commentary from the Treatment Advocacy Center
October 28 - November 1, 2013
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"Read Our Fall 2013 Catalyst Online Now"
A roundup of our latest research and publications, a peek at American Psychosis and our report card on how well states are keeping people with severe mental illness out of jail are all covered in our fall 2013 newsletter.
"Maryland Needs to Modernize Its Mental Health Laws"
Two powerful letters in this week’s Baltimore Sun are calling for better treatment options for people who don’t recognize they are sick – a category that includes about half of those suffering with the most severe mental illnesses.
"Schizophrenia Robbed My Son of His Dignity" - personally speaking
"I have a 33-year-old son suffering from schizophrenia who is currently homeless....I have watched this illness rob my son of all personal dignity, of all ability to gauge what is real,” writes Gloria Davidson in a blog advocating for AOT in Alameda County, California.
"Everyone Suffers in Fatal Encounters"
"No police officer does well with shooting someone, let alone someone with mental illness," Treatment Advocacy Center board member, Michael Biasotti, told the Wall Street Journal. “That destroys a bunch of people at once.”
"Mental Health As a Health Issue, Not a Safety Issue"
“We are increasingly talking about mental health as a safety issue, not a health issue,” Pam Hyde told an audience of mental health professionals, leaders and advocates. “When we talk about mass killings, we are talking about mental illness not being treated.”
A big thank-you to:
    • Don and Judy Turnbaugh, who were featured in the Tampa Tribune
    • Candy DeWitt, whose guest commentary was featured in the San Jose Mercury News
    • Marilyn Martin, Arlene Saks-Martin and Kathleen Branch, whose letters to the editor were all featured in the Baltimore Sun
If you have a letter or commentary published, please email a link or a copy to so we can save it, acknowledge your reform efforts, and share it with others.

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