Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Did you know the alleged gunman and, if so, what was he like?"

"I have known him since my freshman year of high school.  He was the last person I'd expect to shoot up a high school.  He was incredibly humble and down to earth.  He was a little geeky but in a charming way so I don't know anyone who hates him really.  It came as a surprise to me at least."

"Did you have an indication in the last couple of days that there was anything going on with him, anything wrong with him?"

"I heard from a few friends that, I believe it was a Spanish class on Wednesday, that he showed a few outbursts that were fairly violent."

"Do you know any more details than that?"

"He went out to get water from his locker and when he came back the door was locked so he started pounding on it and screaming and cursing at the teacher, apparently."

"And that was something which was unusual for him?"

Nods head.  "Right."

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