Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's his right. But is it right?

When my son turned 18, he earned rights that almost thrilled him to death – 

It all began with his right to stop taking life saving medication.  

Followed by the right to drop out of school and stop succeeding in life.  

The right to live in a car, homeless in a drug infested neighborhood far away from his real home.  

The right to wander through life in his psychotic state, unaware of the shell of a human being he had become.  

The right to get arrested and incarcerated.  

Then arrested and incarcerated again, and again, and again.  

The right to get shot by a taser because “he sure looked drunk to me”.  

More rights that prevented his family from intervening to get him back into live-saving treatment.  

So I ask you … are these rights right?  

Is this the picture of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that our forefathers envisioned?  

This mother does not think so. 

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