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What They’re Saying III: The Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act

cid:image001.gif@01CE6085.30391FD0Tim Murphy
U.S. Congressman for the 18th District of Pennsylvania
Dr. Tim Murphy’s ‘historic’ legislation draws more praise

For Immediate Release: Friday, December 20, 2013
Contact: Brad Grantz, 202.225.2301

(WASHINGTON, DC) — House Energy & Commerce Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Tim Murphy (PA-18) recently unveiled his landmark mental health reform legislation, the Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 3717), following a year-long investigationinto the nation’s broken mental health system.

Praise and support from parents, the nation’s leading mental health professionals, and diverse media outlets is quickly pouring in from across the country for the Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 3717):
New Bill Decreases Mental Health Funding, Increases Mental Illness Funding
By DJ Jaffe,  Executive Director, Mental Illness Policy Org
Dec. 18, 2013

“Rep. Murphy proposed the "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis" Act (HR 3717) to reorient the mental health system away from it's focus on serving the largest numbers of the highest functioning and back towards providing treatment for the most seriously mentally ill. Hereforms the bureaucracy, eliminates programs that don't help or are harmful, and invests the savings in programs known to reduce incarceration, homelessness, suicide and hospitalization in the most seriously ill.”
Read more HERE.
Focus On Mental Illness
By the Editors
Dec. 31st print edition

“While 10 million people in America suffer from serious mental illness — including 200,000 on our streets, and 300,000 in our prisons — the federal government has in recent decades placed a higher priority on treating those with mild problems than on the worst cases. Representative Tim Murphy (R. Pa.), a psychologist, has introduced a bill that would finally begin to revise this. The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act would focus federal funding on serious mental illness, rather than spread it across milder ailments, and empower families to seek treatment for those who cannot make such decisions for themselves.”
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Reforming treatment of seriously mentally ill
By DJ Jaffe & Theresa Bishformer member of the San Diego County Mental Health Advisory Board
December 17, 2013

“Congressman Tim Murphy recently introduced a bill to require the federal government to focus its mental health budget on the most seriously mentally ill, rather than the highest functioning patients. California and San Diego County should do the same… Rep. Murphy, R-Penn., proposes to reign in mission-creep at the national level by creating an assistant secretary position for mental health who would reorient services toward the most seriously ill.”
Read more HERE.
When it Comes to Mental Illness, Canada Could Use Help From a Republican Congressman
By Marvin Ross, Mental Health Reform Advocate
Dec. 19, 2013

If only a Canadian politician would do this. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania recently introduced a bill into Congress called Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act…The key pieces in that proposal…empowering parents and caregivers; increasing the number of psychiatric beds; providing alternatives to inpatient care via assisted outpatient treatment orders; promoting evidence-based care and strengthening oversight of programs; providing alternatives to jail for those with serious mental illnesses.”
Read more HERE. 

Additional information on the Helping Families In Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 3717), including bill text, a summary, and letters of support, can be viewed here.

In his sixth term representing Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district encompassing suburban Pittsburgh including parts of Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland and Greene Counties, Rep. Tim Murphy also serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve Medical Service Corps as a psychologist treating Wounded Warriors with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Prior to serving in Congress, Dr. Murphy, author of “The Angry Child” and “Overcoming Passive-Aggression,” was a practicing psychologist specializing in child and family treatment.
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