Tuesday, January 28, 2014

“I think she often felt there was nothing there. She was just on her own with no one to help her - that’s a pretty lonely place to be.”

Taking care of an adult son with a severe mental illness who refuses medications is a lonely, desperate place to be as a single mom ... most times we are their only support and that puts us in very vulnerable, and many times dangerous, positions.

DEEP RIVER - Margaret Rohner worried about her troubled adult son not taking his psychiatric medications and told a friend he needed to be hospitalized. But she was eager to see him over Christmas and, despite earlier reservations, agreed to let him come to her home to open presents and spend the night.
The day after Christmas, the 45-year-old Rohner was viciously attacked with a fireplace poker and knife, her eviscerated body left in the living room of her Deep River home. Her 23-year-old son, Robert O. Rankin, was charged with murder.
Treatment Before Tragedy! Read the story here: 
Slain Deep River Woman Sought Psychiatric Care For Son

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