Friday, February 7, 2014

News and Commentary from the Treatment Advocacy Center
February 3 - February 7, 2014
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"Ashamed of the Crazy"
“I didn’t tell anyone that she would fly into violent rages, pummeling me for stretching out the collars of my T-shirts…or that she would punish me by refusing me food,” Kate Woodsome writes about her mother’s struggle with mental illness.

"Indiana to Improve Care for Inmates with Mental Illness"
Since being found guilty of acting “deliberately indifferent” toward the plight of inmates with mental illness, prison officials say there have been improvements to the system. 

"Research: Mentally Ill Women More Likely to Experience Intimate Partner Violence"
Physical, sexual, emotional, and financial violence were among the types of abuse that is nearly four times more likely for women diagnosed with severe mental illness, according to a new study. 

"Treatment Gave My Son a Second Chance" - personally speaking
“The difference between him before court-ordered treatment and after is like night and day.” A supporter shares how assisted outpatient treatment has given her son a second chance. READ IT ALL....

Big thank-yous to these letter writers:
    • Theresa Flerx, whose letter was published in the Greenbrier Valley (WV)
    • Karen Cohen, whose letter was published in the Contra Costa (CA) Times
    • Bob Janovick, whose letter was published in the LaCrosse (WI) Tribune
If you have a letter or commentary published, please email a link or a copy so we can save it, acknowledge your reform efforts, and share it with others.

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