Saturday, February 22, 2014

News and Commentary from the Treatment Advocacy Center
February 17 - February 21, 2014
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"RESEARCH: People with Mental Illness at Higher Risk of HIV"People with serious mental illness are significantly more likely to be infected with HIV, but people who are receiving treatment for mental illness are also more likely to stick with an HIV treatment plan. READ IT ALL....

"Just Let Him Hit Rock Bottom?" - personally speaking
A family has been told their son "just needs to hit rock bottom and he will ask for help.” They ask how it can be that, in one state, the law recognizes that someone is mentally ill and provides treatment for people who clearly needs it, while another state lets them fall into a psychiatric crisis. READ IT ALL....

"England Moves to Decriminalize Mental Illness"
“It's unacceptable that there are incidents where young people and even children can end up in a police cell because the right mental health service isn't available to them,” said Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister of England. 

"RESEARCH: Mental Illness Advances Are Flatlining"
There’s plenty of good news in the fight against chronic and terminal disease in America. It’s just not taking place on the severe mental illness front, according to the director of NIMH, even though brain disorders remain a leading source of disability in the US for all ages. READ IT ALL....

A big thank-you to Eleanor Owen, whose opinion piece was published in the Seattle (WA) Times and to Nick Cabral, whose commentary was published in the Oakland (CA) Tribune.

If you have a letter or commentary published, please email a link or a copy so we can save it, acknowledge your reform efforts and share it with others.

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