Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An ever hopeful mom ...

This blogger mom is forever hopeful that someday soon the severe and persistent mentally ill may receive timely treatment and that lack of insight (anosognosia) will trump the "civil rights" argument that currently prevents many from receiving this life saving intervention. 

Over my 7 years of advocacy, I have discovered Important Truth #1 critical to making this happen: 
  • We ALL must accept the full extent of the dependency needs of these chronically ill patients and that requires ... funding. 
Which brings us to Important Truth #2: 
  • Taking a proactive stance costs a whole lot less in the long run that taking a reactive one. 
Treatment instead of jail. 

Treatment instead of living on the streets. 

Treatment before tragedy. 

Let's make treatment accessible for all by improving our laws - not just for some with mental health issues - but for the folks considered the least of these by our society, the severe and persistent mentally ill.

Let's pass a statewide AOT law in Tennessee, sooner rather than later. 

Because later is much too late.

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