Saturday, March 15, 2014

CHANGING LANES: Adam Lanza's father faulted for describing son as 'evil'

... the word “evil” is not a final explanation or a good excuse for a problem that was the result of a series of human failures.
Peter Lanza has done families with mentally ill children a grave disservice. By absolving himself of personal responsibility because his child was “evil”, Lanza scapegoats a broken boy and the mother who was inadequate in his care. It’s easy to be logical about how things should have been handled when you have the buffer of a separate and less complicated life.
Peter Lanza is a man who is haunted by regret. He knows that without his doing, Sandy Hook elementary school would never have had to be bulldozed and 20 more children would be third graders next fall. Andrew Solomon paints a picture of a tortured yet detached soul who still locates the destructiveness of Adam’s actions as coming from a metaphysical place.
Different legislative efforts have been made to address the weaknesses in a system that allowed Adam Lanza to slip through the cracks. Unsurprisingly, these well-intentioned efforts lost their momentum when their newsworthiness was eclipsed by the next news cycle. Yet our collective psyche ponders “why?” and we individually consider the importance of supporting/monitoring unstable older adolescents whose lack of supervision might possibly lead to mass murder.
Read the entire article by Katherine Bennett here: Adam Lanza's faulted for describing son as 'evil'

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