Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Saving Superman and the importance of seeking help

Saving Superman

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting author, Kathleen Sales, and look forward to reading her book "Saving Superman". 
The story is set in East Tennessee, where Sales and her family have lived for 33 years. She said the book progressed quickly when she sat down to write, and the result is an easily read, emotionally gripping tale of young Pete, 10 years old, the son of a World War II veteran with PTSD and a mother who attempts suicide and ends up in an asylum. Pete runs away from his family, and while seeking shelter from a big storm, he meets Jake, a homeless veteran who at first begrudgingly allows Pete to escape the storm in the shed where he stays. As the two become better acquainted and learn more about each other’s struggles, they form a special bond and start down a path that leads to forgiveness and recovery.
“When people read the book, I would like them to see the importance of seeking help, talking to other people, letting other people help you,” Sales said. “It’s relationships that pull everybody back together again. It’s love, it’s compassion, it’s forgiveness. That’s what allows the family to pull back together at the end. A lot of that is instigated by Jake, who has been through a lot and kind of knows how it works.”
Sales said the book is intended to be a good, enjoyable read, and also something for book clubs, church groups and therapy groups to use to raise awareness of mental illness.
“Also to encourage people to talk to each other, to ask for help,” Sales said. “Listening is everything. Jake is the person who listens in this book. He asks questions, and he listens. That’s how you really get people to talk. Anybody can listen if they just will shut their own mouth long enough to do it.”
‘Saving Superman:’ Kathleen Sales releases first novel - The Daily Times: Community

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