Saturday, January 10, 2015

Families, county leaders concerned about potential closing of Green Valley

"I really believe that moving the residents out of there and in to the community will impact their health in such a way that they will not receive as good of medical treatment as they would at that facility and it could result in death," Greene County Mayor David Crum said.
"Family members are coming to me even more now saying our loved ones are getting great care at Greene Valley, the employees have known them for 40 plus years, there's no reason to move them out of Greene Valley," Hawk said.
Not only will almost 100 people with severe disabilities be displaced, more than 600 people could lose their jobs.
"The loss of those jobs would be devastating to Greene County," Hawk said.
As devastating as it may be to the local economy, everyone I talked with says more than anything their concern is for the future of those who live there.
A judge will hear the closure plan in Nashville on January 21st, and could approve it at that time.
Families, county leaders concerned about potential closing of Gr -

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