Saturday, January 10, 2015

Officials Scrambling To Save Greene Valley

Families need to have a choice of care. Greene Valley is a strong, viable choice of care for our most vulnerable Tennesseeans.

Southerland reiterated that state lawmakers were not included in the process of negotiating the proposed settlement, and also questioned how residents could safely transition from their homes at the center.

"Obviously we disagree with their [DIDD's] decision. If you've been out to Greene Valley and look at the patients who are there ... If they have a new [caregiver] just come in, they're devastated because someone new is there and they're used to the same person [the previous caregiver]," he said.
"Some don't realize the severity of their conditions."
Read the entire article here: Officials Scrambling To Save Greene Valley - The Greeneville Sun: Local News

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