Thursday, February 19, 2015

Help Knoxville's Homeless Mentally Ill Survive on the Streets Today

Around noon today, I have some Knoxlife friends who are taking blankets and provisions to the folks who are surviving on the streets and refuse to take shelter. 

"Why in the world don't they just go inside the missions when the temps are this dangerous", you ask? Many have untreated mental illness and are highly symptomatic with paranoid thoughts and delusions. They self medicate with drugs and alcohol because they aren't treated with the appropriate medications required to treat their illness. This may numb the pain but it also worsens their symptoms. And they are seriously ill, not stubborn. I know of at least one man who has died from exposure to the freezing temps recently. 

They need our compassion to get through this cold snap ... but what they REALLY need is timely effective treatment for their untreated mental illness (more on that later). I'm contacting these friends to see if they can swing by my workplace as they head out to buy basic needs for the ones living outside in this 3 degree weather. They especially need blankets and since I don't have any on hand, I'm giving them a cash donation to purchase provisions. If you want to help, please let me know via email at   Blankets, hot hands, gloves, socks, candles, any sort of winter outer wear is needed.

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