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BREAKING: HR 2646 Moves To Top of House Agenda

For Immediate Release: December 2, 2015
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(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Tim Murphy’s (R-PA) landmark crisis mental health legislation, The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, continues to make headlines across the country this week as Speaker Paul D. Ryan voiced his support for H.R. 2646 as a necessary piece of legislation needed to fix our broken mental health system. 
Ryan Calls for Mental-Health Overhaul After Planned Parenthood Shooting 
The Wall Street Journal
December 1, 2015
Mr. Ryan pointed to legislation from Rep. Tim Murphy (R., Pa.) that would increase the number of inpatient psychiatric beds in the U.S., expand the mental-health workforce and authorize an early-intervention program, among other things. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to consider the bill soon. Mr. Murphy said his bill would enable those with mental illness to receive treatment sooner, making them less likely to become engaged in violent acts. – Kristina Peterson, Wall Street Journal
Paul Ryan Pushes Changes in Mental Health Care After Colorado Shooting New York Times 
December 1, 2015
Representative Tim Murphy, the Pennsylvania Republican who is a clinical psychologist and who introduced the bill, spent a year conducting research on the system after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. He carried out that study at the request of House Republican leaders; his bill is under consideration by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. – Emmarie Huetteman and Richard Perez-Pena 
Ryan’s nod could get mental health legislation moving Washington Post  
December 1, 2015
“Clearly we can do more, and one common denominator in these tragedies is mental illness, and that is why we need to look at fixing our nation’s mental illness health system,” Ryan said, pointing to a reform bill authored by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) now awaiting final action in the Energy and Commerce Committee. “I’m sure that members of both parties have lots of ideas in this area, but we should make this a priority to prevent the violence and to protect our citizens.” – Mike DeBonis, Washington Post
GOP focuses on mental health after Colo. Shooting USA Today 
December 1, 2015
Mental illness causes tens of thousands of death a year through suicide, drug overdoses, and a range of ailments that afflict homeless people with mental illness, Murphy told USA TODAY Tuesday. "For the longest time these people and these families lived in that shadows and Congress like the rest of the country ignored them," Murphy said. The need to change the mental health system "is not about the shootings," Murphy said, "but if that's what gets people's attention, gets them to wake up, maybe (the victims) will not have died in vain." Murphy was a psychologist before being elected to Congress and is co-chair of its Mental Health Caucus.– Paul Singer, USA Today
Paul Ryan: 'Clearly we can do more' to address mental health 
December 1, 2015
The Speaker pointed to legislation crafted by Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Tim Murphy, a clinical psychologist, that overhauls the mental health system and aims to get treatment earlier to those who could pose a danger to others. Murphy's bill is currently being considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but some House GOP members want additional changes made to it before the House votes on it. The number two House Democrat, Rep Steny Hoyer of Maryland, agreed that focusing on mental health was an appropriate response to what happened in Colorado, but added there were concerns about "privacy rights" in the Murphy bill and said Republicans should work on a bipartisan proposal. –  Deirdre Walsh,
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