Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tennessee needs AOT now more than ever!

Ironically as we received the news yesterday that the state was not funding Knoxville's Safety Center, SAMHSA announced that the first-ever federal assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) funding is operational and taking grant applications -$15 MILLION AVAILABLE in federal funds to states with AOT laws! 

BUT ... Tennessee is not eligible since we remain as one of only 4 states in our nation without AOT laws on our books. 

It is unfortunate that Knoxville could not make its 3 year AOT pilot program work. The proposed Safety Center would be an ideal location to file petitions to stop the revolving door stemming from untreated serious mental illness. 

We can still get some of this funding - if TN ever passes AOT. 

Spread the word. 

Tennessee needs AOT more than ever. 

Read the news release here: NO STATE MONEY FOR SAFETY CENTER